We're Excited to Have You!

How do I prepare?

What do I bring?

What do I wear?

When should I arrive?



  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before. You may need to fill out a quick registration form and we’d like enough time to great you and show you around before class starts! Wear what you feel good sweating in. Breathable fabric is preferred. Avoid cotton if possible. No shoes are needed in practice room.

  • Come to class hydrated. Making sure you have water throughout your day before you practice and remember to drink plenty of water after your practice to stay hydrated. Water can be purchased in studio or bring a bottle to use. Coconut water or other electrolyte drinks can also be helpful before, during or after your practice.

  • Come to class on an empty stomach. Allowing a couple hours to pass after your last meal before your practice is usually needed. Some people need more or less time so you need to see what works best for you.

  • Bring a yoga mat, long towel and water. Each student is required to have all three while practicing. Feel free to bring your own or rent/purchase from the studio.

  • Remain in studio the entire class. Feel free to take a break whenever you feel necessary by laying down or sitting quietly on your mat. The desire for breaks fades as you focus on your breath and become adjusted to your environment. If for any reason you must leave early please let the instructor know before class so they can assist you with the least disruption as possible.

  • Yoga is a life long practice. Yoga is meant for all ages and all types of people. As long as you are focused on your breath and doing the best you can you will receive all the benefits of each pose even if you are not as flexible or perfectly balanced as someone next to you.

  • Practice regularly. A consistent yoga practice of 4-5 times a week will allow you to receive maximum benefits. Build extra strength with 1-2 hot pilates classes/week. You will still receive all the amazing benefits with a reduced amount of time, it just may take a little longer.


I’ve been so hesitant to start doing yoga but decided to give it a try when my son bought me classes as a gift. Sumits has been the perfect place to begin my practice! I’m definitely still a beginner but I feel stronger with each class. The instructors are all amazing and encouraging as they guide you through the practice. This is is definitely the best place to begin or continue your yoga practice!

Jessica A.

AMAZING! As a beginner this is a great place to get started and also advance. Encouraging instructors, great class, clean and nice studio. I was worried the heat would be overwhelming but I love it! The instructors will never push you to do anything painful or uncomfortable. Time FLIES by too. Love!

Abbey W.

I love this place so much…actually from the moment I stepped foot inside there. I was looking for an “exercise event” that was different from your standard fitness class and I definitely found it here. Not only do I feel like I get the work out i need, I can tell that I’m improving my flexibility and physical fitness with my consistency! Also, the teachers are absolutely amazing. I so happy to call this place my yoga home.

Bree C